Vermont…It’s All About The Cider!

Having spent many weekends and holidays in Vermont we knew it had the reputation for its wonderful apple and more recently hard cider. However, what we have learned since being here is that where we are house sitting in Newport, Vermont is what the Huffington Post describes as one of the Six Great American Towns for Hard Cider and what a pleasant surprise that has been! Little did we know that cider is “the fastest-growing segment of the American booze market and is growing by the year, spiking 75 percent between 2013 and 2014 alone.” So we made it our mission to do an initial recognizance of where we could enjoy some of this yummy beverage during the holidays when a certain member of our family with a serious predilection for cider arrives for her visit 🙂

Some of the dining options on Main Street, Newport, Vermont.
Northeast Kingdon Tasting Centre and its neighbors in Newport, Vermont.

This proved to be not too difficult because right on the main street in Newport, literally on Main Street, is the Northeast Kingdom Tasting Centre home of Eden Ice Cider. Luckily for us there is not only plenty of cider but a host of other Vermont specialties. The Northeast Kingdom Tasting Centre consists of just about every Vermont specialty product you can think of, there’s not only the obvious maple syrup but also wild blueberry syrup and maple, pumpkin, apple and peanut butters all locally made. That’s just the beginning there are cheeses, pastries and condiments galore!!! However, as I browsed all the tables laden with the above mentioned goodies Jeremy planted himself firmly in front of the local wine and spirit section which appeared to be staffed by what looked to be Miss Scandinavia 🙂

Northeast Kingdom Tasting Centre
Northeast Kingdom Tasting Centre.

So a plan is in place and we will definitely be heading back for a Tuesday $3 pint night and a Wednesday “cider and slider” night at the Newport Ciderhouse Bar & Grill which is located in the Northeast Kingdom Tasting Centre just to make sure both our visitors are equally happy, aka our “kids”, Alexandra and Nicholas.

Looking forward to this!!!
Looking forward to this!!!

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  1. Cider! My beverage of preference in UK pubs. Though sadly, over indulgence means my clothes are shrinking. Newport looks like a great town. Enjoy the local delights and your family visit.


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