House Sitting Profile


We are Jeremy and Diana Porteous a married couple of 35 years who have house, pet and B&B sitting experience. We think sitting for you offers a fantastic combination of things we love, animals and experiencing new places, as well as at the same time providing homeowners, something we as pet owners valued so much, a trusted reliable caretaker for your pet and home. As much as we love travel we are also homebodies and while house sitting for you we would be able to keep to this routine as we look after your home and pet. We tend to stay home in the mornings doing “chores”, catching up on emails and the like. The afternoons are a time to enjoy walking/hiking or just exploring new places. Evenings are usually spent at home with perhaps an occasional dinner out. House sitting allows us to keep to this lifestyle while being there for your pet(s) while you are away. Bottom line is house sitting offers us both the best of both worlds. We get time to spend with your animals, being in new places, experiencing new cultures and food at a relaxed pace while meeting new people. All the while providing you piece of mind that your home and furry loved ones are safe and sound. That’s what we call a win-win!!!

We have spent many vacations camping with our now two grown children in eastern Canada and United States. We have also traveled extensively to most of the U.S.A., Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia and spent a year living in Nicaragua. All this travel has taught us to be open to a variety of climates, cultures, animals and experiencing both urban and remote locations with the surprises that they can bring. Let’s not forget having to deal with Montreal winters for the last 50 plus years! Frozen pipes, snow up to your nose and challenging driving conditions to say the least.

What we bring individually:


I am retired General Manager from Montreal Canada, who was responsible for sales in the electronics and telecommunications industries. Over the years I have worked with an extensive variety of clients as well as motivating and mentoring in excess of 50 staff. I dealt with security issues in stores, inventory management, computer system integration, website management and dealing with staffs personal and professional issues. All this has taught me to be organized, responsible, trust worthy, and a good listener and foremost a great problem solver.

I love animals, owning and loving numerous pets over my lifetime. I especially enjoy gardening and tinkering with anything that is broken. We have owned numerous homes over the years and I have always done my own remodeling and renovations, from soup to nuts. I have never had a service man (unless under warranty) or a plumber or electrician (except to certify my work) in any of our homes. We sold both our last two homes for asking price in less than 24 hours and the last one with no agent.

As president for 5 years of the condo association of our last home, I was responsible for several major improvements, repairs (some done by myself such as the irrigation system) and was the “go to” guy for the fellow owners. I have numerous references from the other property owners as well as from the new owner of our last home who will attest to the condition of our home and garden.

Last but not least, if it has an engine I can run it, if it has wheels I can drive it and if it needs servicing I can do it. So if you need a job done, I am ready and willing to do it.

My motto is: “There are no problems, just a solution you haven’t found yet”


I have worked in the emergency department of large urban hospital, been a stay at home mum and then returned to work for almost fifteen years for two incredibly busy G.P.’s in private practice. These jobs have made me able to deal with stressful situations in a calm, proactive and organised fashion as my references will attest to.

I have also had pets from childhood on ranging from dogs, cats, fish, birds and a rabbit. Having pets for so many years teaches you a lot, obviously the love and devotion that is required but also more practical things. Fred, one of our Shih Tzu’s had an eye injury that involved putting drops in his eye every two hours night and day for weeks as well as administering a number of other medications. Finally, in his old age he was close to blind and required being carried up and down the stairs since he could never be alone. These are the things that I understand need to be done when there are pets with special needs involved and I am experienced and willing to do them.

In my free time I love travel, gardening, hiking/walking, biking, nature, good food and of course, my two grown up kids!!! Decorating and design has always been a passion, this is probably why I’m so fastidious and like everything to be clean and in its place!

My motto is: “Always leave a home cleaner than when you found it”