Hurricane Joaquin

When to actually start our blog that has been the BIG question. We obviously have an incredible amount to learn and wanted everything to be just right for our first post. We have been in Treasure Cay, Bahamas for five weeks house sitting and looking after our new best bud Chocolate. He is an utterly charming Weimaraner/German Short Hair Pointer mix who you’ll get to see in what I’m sure will be numerous photos to follow. However, the peace and quiet and what can only be described as ridiculously lazy days is rapidly coming to close as a category 4 hurricane appears to be heading toward us!!!! So the decision has been made for us as it seemed like Hurricane Joaquin would be a way to start things off with a bang so to speak. It seems a little wobble to the west will save us from a direct hit but apparently these things are unpredictable or at least so says The National Hurricane Centre so we are in wait and watch mode which isn’t too difficult when things look like this….

However, since Hurricane Joaquin wasn’t even a storm a few short days ago we think we’ll go the better safe than sorry route and start bringing in the outdoor furniture and top up the water and gas supplies. Apparently, the power gets cut off even before the hurricane hits as a preventative measure and if we do get a direct hit it could be off for weeks.  We also have been told that after previous hurricanes the power has been off for months!!!! Ok, here is where we get down on our knees and thank God we have a generator….because no power means no internet and for those who know us, well actually Diana, and her attachment to her iPad would know that having no internet would be far worse for her than having to actually experience a hurricane. Just kidding, actually no we are not, the thought of days on end with no internet….well We have no words to describe how horrible that would be!!! It’s warm here, to say the least, and we can cook on the bar-b-q so no power no problem as long as we have INTERNET!!!!

Well, all that is left to do is close the hurricane shutters and basically barricade ourselves in so we might as well enjoy what looks to be the calm before the storm and take Chocolate for a last swim and walk and enjoy what amazing surroundings we have been so lucky to have had on this house sit.

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